Bhavnagar Port

Please find below given necessary Information and important Guidance for Alang to your good office and Master of the Vessel. Please arrange to forward a copy of this message to the Master for his ready reference.



First of all, Gujarat Maritime Board (PORT) provides anchorage position for Gopnath. First, Vessel has to arrive at this position and to inform us, can inform Gujarat Maritime Board (Port) and take new position for Boarding.


I.M.P.NOTES : - Please note,  Below anchoring position  is only for your reference and approximate idea only. Due to heavy under water current at Alang,Please keep safe distance from other anchored Vessel’s and  then drop your vessel’s anchor.

Before your arrival / anchoring, please ask and check with Bhavnagar Radio (Port wireless station on Channel 16) regarding for safe anchoring. And it is advisable for the Master to arrange a Round the Clock watch on the Bridgeroom -No pilot will board the Vessel.

Vessel must arrive at Bhavnagar Anchorage (Boarding) Position i.e. 4 TO 5.5 Miles NORTH – NORTH -EAST OF PIRAM LIGHT HOUSE.  

LAT              :    21'.  40 .  419’   NORTH

LONG            :  072'.  23 .  471’   EAST

(Above position is for reference only. We will advise correct position once we receive from Port Authorities.)

TIDAL RANGE AND FLOW :  Alang is A Tidal Port (Boarding & Inspection are done only on tide time.  it means it takes a minimum of 8 to 12 Hours approx to complete boarding / inspection formalities.) Tug leaving from Bhavnagar jetty for boarding shall return after 10 / 12 Hrs. or so being a tidal Port. The Port authority publishes a HIGH WATER Tide table which is available from us(AGENTS)  and can be provided to your good selves.

HIGH TIDES :   will give you at the time of Boarding.

MOORINGINFORMATION: Vessel is beached during high water tide of over 10.00 meters and above only.

TRANSPORT: Alang is 55 Kms. away from main city (BHAVNAGAR) and approx one hour journey by road. For onward journey nearest Airport from Alang is Bhavnagar , and for Mumbai there are daily two flights from there. Another nearest Airport is in Ahmedabad City (around 230 Km far away from Bhavnagar City ).

IMMIGRATION SIGN OFF : As per prevailing Immigration rules, Immigration authorities do not permit crew sign off at Anchorage  except in case of emergency or on serious medical grounds. If there are PAKISTANI / BANGLADESHI / GHANI / AFRICAN Crew members on-board, then Immigration escort will be required till they leave India (Mumbai / Delhi ). The Escort Charges of same, will be extra.

Please note that Domestic airlines allow only 40 KGs Baggage per person. (NOTE FOR INDIAN CREW ONLY) If vessel have Indian crew members on board then in this situation, when these Indian crew members left the India to join the ship, the Immigration office would have issued a departure / arrival card to the crew members and out of two cards, Immigration department would have kept departure card with them and would have handed over arrival card to the crew members.

The arrival card must be kept in safe custody by all crew members as the same arrival card has to be produced to Immigration officer at Bhavnagar at the time of sign off after beaching.

BHAVNAGAR RADIO (Port Wireless Station) : Bhavnagar Radio opens between 10.00 AM To 18.00 PM for assisting the Vessel at the time of arrival at Alang anchorage. The Master should inform about his arrival and other necessary information of the Vessel to Bhavnagar port wireless station on Ch – 16.

Please inform if any requirement at the time of arrival at Alang anchorage so can arrange for the same at the time of Boarding, if possible to save additional tug charges which are high.