kandla Port

Breif Information

Kandla Port Located In The Gulf Of Kutch In Position Latitude 23 02 N And Longitude 70 13 E -Abt.

The Port Keeps IST [ Gmt + 0530 Hrs]

The Perm Drafts To Enter Port Are As Per The Monthly Drafts Published By The Port Authorites Which Vary From Around 10.5 Mtrs To Upto 12.00 Mtrs For Berths 7/8/9/11 Depending Upon The Tidal Conditions.

The Max Permissible Draft In The Channel Is 12.5 M [As Per Tide And Monthly Declarations]. However Max Permissible Drafts At Individual Berths, Moorings And Anchorages Will Apply. General New Berthing Policy Is As Follows In Force From 4 October 2011 Is As Follows With Further Details As Per Relevant Port Circular Tf/Sh/2106 Dated 19/9/2011.

The 10 Dry Cargo Berths Are Earmarked For The Vessels Of The Following Groups As Stated Below

  • Priority group - 3 berths.
  • Finished fertilizers or any other priority accorded by the government except coastal cargo vessels - 2 berths.
  • Coastal cargo vessels - 1 berth.
  • Vessels carrying import cargo - 2 berths.
  • Vessels to load export cargo - 2 berths.

The Four Oil Jetties I.E. Oil Jetty No.1 To 4 Shall Be Allotted On First Come First Serve Basis. However, One Oil Jetty Will Be Allotted To A Tanker That Can Complete Cargo Operations And Sail Within 24 Hours.

Kandla Has A Continuous Quay For All The Cargo Jetties Plus 6 Oil Jetties Plus 5 Mooring Buoys.

Berths 1 To 4/ 9. 80 Mtrs /45000 Mt.

Berth 5 N 6/ 9.10 Mtrs / 35000 Mt.

Berth 7 To 10/ 12.00 Mtrs / 55000 Mt.

Berth 11-12/ 12.50 Mtrs / 65000 Mt (Handed Over To Abg Group And Being Operated As Container Terminal.)

The Restrictions At Mooring Buoys Asf

No:2=Loa/167.5 M Draft/7.9 Mtrs.

No:3=Loa/182.93 M Draft/8.2 Mtrs.

Salt Mrgs=Loa/160 M Draft/8.5 Mtrs.

Ddm=Loa/225. 5 M Draft/12.0 Mtrs (Not In Place Under Repairs).

The Draughts Shown At Various Berths And Moorings Are Indicated For The Chart Datum Depth Unless Stated Otherwise.

Maximum Permissable Load For The Port Is 240 Mtrs.

Permissable Draft For Vessel Over 225.5 M Will Have A Min Under Keel Clearance Of 1.2 M.

Berthing Of Vessels Of More Than 225.5 M Loa Shall Be Done Only Between Panels 51-84 (Berths 7-10).

And To Be Brought Directly Along Side Without Any Anchorage Inside The Harbour Plus Only One Vessel At A Time .

Night Pilotage Restricted To 10.5 Mtrs Draft With Max Loa/200 M Excluding Lpg/Ammonia Vessels And Vessels With Speed Less Than 9 Kts Through The Water.

Port Shore Cranes Are Avlble In Kandla Asf

Berth 2= 2x 16 Mt Each.

Berth 3= 2x 25 Mt Each.

Berth 4= 1x 12 Mt.

Berth 5= 2x 12/16 Mt Each.

Berth 9/10= 3x25 Mt Each.

Port Also Has 2x65 Mt Swl Tyre Mounted Harbour Mobile Cranes Which Can Be Hired For Operations As Per Port Tariff And Operational/Usage Port Policy.

Port Works 24 Hours A Day With 3 Shifts Of 8 Hrs Each.

Allotment Of Berths Is Strictly As Per The Berthing Policy And As Per Vessels Draft And Availability As They Get Vacated.

In Case The Berth Allotted Is Not Suitable Then Vessel Has To Wait Until Suitable Berth Is Available And In Case It Becomes Available By Shifting Another Working.

Vessel Then Shifting Charges For Same Have To Be Borne By The Beneficiary Vessel And Subject To Agreement By The Vessel Being Shifted.

In Case Vessel Requests For A Shore Crane Berth Then Has To Wait Till Same Is Available As Per Turn/Seniority.

2x100 Liebherr Cranes –Privately Owned Are Also Available In Kandla –Which Can Be Hired But Subject To Port Policy And Rates As Agreed Directly With The Crane Suppliers Including Their Terms,Conditons Of Usage.

Cargo Operations

  • Coal/coke cargoes are generally discharged at berth nos =7/8/9/10.
  • Discharge is by ship cranes and grabs and can be supplemented by shore cranes if available at designated berths.
  • Vessels gear should have sufficient outer each from ships rails of min around 8 mtrs for safe discharge by ships gear.
  • Vessel has to supply power in case any non-remote type shore grabs arranged to work with ships gear asf.
  • 440 volt 60 cycle 75 amp 3 phase -each grab/crane.
  • Coal vessels are normally berthed under 10,000/6000 mt priority groups as required by the receivers for earlier berthing due usually congested import group.
  • Disrates for coal min 10,000 mt/day -with 4x25 mt cranes n 10 cbm grabs-with rates upto 15-20000 mt actaully achievable with good evacuation and working bss 5 hooks.
  • In case vessel arrives with more than permissible draft as per the monthly port draft circular then vessel is lightened at the outer anchorage to achieve the required draft to enter the port and berth. The disrate achievable at anchorage around 5-7000 mt/day sub to placement of barges and availability of barge points ashore.

Gearless Vessels

Gearless Vessels Can Be Discharged At Berths 9/10 By The Port 25 Mt Shore Cranes/Grabs + Port 65 Mt Harbour Cranes/Grabs.

Gearless Vessels Can Also Be Discharged At Berths 7/8 By Hiring The Privately Owned 2x100 Liebherr Cranes –As Per Receivers Arranagements.

General Info

  • Master to contact kandla port control on vhf ch 16/12/8 for instructions.
  • In case vessel needs to be lightened first at outer anchorage then will have to arrange customs clearance upon arrival at anchorage for the discharge operations to comence soonest there after into barges.
  • Vessel should be ISPS compliant.
  • Kandla port is also isps compliant and security level is 2.
  • Port works 24 hours a day with 3 shifts of 8 hours each.
  • Bunkers and water can be arranged at berth/anchorage.
  • Present weather is clear and dry.